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Kia first released the Carnival in 1998, known by various names depending on where it was produced. Beginning as a small van and later expanding into larger models. Kia upgraded it with an eye-catching new grille in 2010 before discontinuing production altogether in 2014. By 2014 only larger Carnival models remained. The 2020 model became known worldwide as the Carnival and has taken over for its predecessor known as Sedona. This version looks somewhat like an SUV but functions more like a minivan, competing against vehicles like Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna for families looking for space with strong aesthetics. The Carnival is equipped with an expansive 3.5-liter V6 engine producing 290 horsepower. It uses its front wheels and can hold eight passengers; fancier versions provide comfy seats as well as large screens to view maps and music. Plus, there's always more you can add on top to personalize it and make it yours! Kia calls their Carnival an "MPV," or Multi-Purpose Vehicle, which means it combines features from both an SUV and minivan into one vehicle. Inside it offers plenty of room and comfort with roomy front seats and more luxurious options in the rear; air conditioning/heating works efficiently as well. Overall it's very user friendly. This vehicle boasts an easy parking screen and multiple cameras to provide visibility when maneuvering through traffic. There's plenty of storage space, though reaching some seat belts may prove challenging. Gas mileage is decent while price and warranty coverage make the Carnival an excellent value choice.

The Kia Carnival has encountered three primary issues according to consumer reports. The first issue is associated with the power sliding doors, which have been recently under investigation by (NHTSA). In most cases, these doors fail to work properly or they can exhibit problems such as auto reverse failures, improper latching and sometimes even open up on their own when the vehicle is in motion. Secondly, there are many complaints about the Carnival's windshield that cracks easily or without any reason. This not only weakens the overall structure of the automobile but also impairs driver's sight. Lastly, acceleration is also the problem often connected to fuel/propulsion system. Drivers have complained about shuddering experiences, slow acceleration and frequent triggering of check engine light. Some of these speed problems seem aggravated in cold weather conditions. These problems were highlighted in consumer feedbacks from NHTSA and remain as some of the most commonly reported issues for Kia Carnival.

For those Kia owners who aspire to maintain their vehicles in optimal shape, opting for OEM parts is a wise choice. Precisely engineered, these components adhere to stringent factory guidelines and are produced in state-of-the-art facilities using cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, they are subjected to thorough testing to certify their resilience and safety, thereby making them a dependable option for Kia owners. With our website's selection of OEM Kia Carnival parts, you can fulfill your need for quality while adhering to your budget. All our genuine Kia Carnival parts are affordably priced and come with a manufacturer's warranty, ensuring you get the best value for your money.