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    The KIA-Hyundai alliance is one of the leading Asian car brands sold globally. Behind every KIA is a world of imagination and innovation. Bursting with energy, KIA constantly moves forward and evolves to build breathtaking designs. KIA Parts Now is your prime online source for the largest selection of genuine OEM KIA parts and accessories at incredible discounted prices.

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    Today, KIA is a worldwide force in the automotive industry. KIA is a Korean auto maker that is now manufacturing vehicles in the US. KIA has a style of its own offering unique product designs, smart technologies and updated features. At KIA Parts Now, our US based customer service agents are dedicated to earning your business again and again by exceeding your expectations.

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    Experience a wide selection of parts and accessories with unique patterns and designs that define the KIA brand. You can order anytime, any day online because our website is open to serve you 24/7. With our easy-to-use website, fast and reliable shipping, your genuine OEM KIA parts will be delivered promptly to your door.

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About Kia

The company manufactures steel tubes and bicycle Kia parts. In 1981, the company began producing the Breeze series of small cars with powerful engines. Production was stopped according to the order of the new military dictator to consolidate the industry. With multiple engine options available for almost every Kia model, customers can tailor the car's performance to their individual needs and preferences. Like its sister brands, Kia has made great strides in recent years. Both Korean car manufacturers have grown over the last decade and made their own name. Sustainability has also improved. These Kia parts are trustworthy. It is mainly due to the success of petrol and turbo engines. It has made significant progress in recent years.
Kia reveals details of its new intelligent manual transmission. It is designed for its mild-hybrid electric vehicles. The clutch system is designed to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions without sacrificing the typical features of conventional manual transmissions. Instead of a mechanical clutch, the iMT clutch works electronically and can be easily integrated into the 48V MHEV transmission. iMT works in conjunction with the mild-hybrid alternator to switch off the engine when the car is parked. The selected gear remains engaged even when the engine is switched off. The engine starts in the same gear when the brake or accelerator pedal is pressed. If the driver presses the clutch pedal to change gear, the transmission restarts the engine at idle.

Masterpieces of Kia

Every Kia vehicle has a unique identification number called a VIN. The number contains important information about the car. The number has a specific format that is recognized worldwide. The ISO Institute introduced this format. All car manufacturers must mark all their vehicles with this specific format. You won't regret choosing Kia parts. Using the online service, the user can check the eligibility of the vehicle and get detailed information on almost any number, find Kia parts, and check the vehicle history. Kia's configuration form is also available here. Sixty-six percent of the chassis is made of high-tensile or high-strength steel. Four bushings are used in the lower part of the front body, and torsion beam rear shock absorbers are now mounted vertically, increasing suspension movement. Kia parts are strong and durable. You can trust us, and you can trust Kia parts. A 1.6L turbocharged engine and a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine will be available. It will be both a petrol and electric car, with a reinforced and impact-resistant chassis. Unlike previous models, the car will have narrow headlights and a large grille.
Using the wrong or inappropriate Kia parts can have disastrous consequences. And that's what we want to avoid. We want to be able to lend a hand when you need OEM Kia parts. We have extensive and unique experience in this field. Our love for OEM Kia parts keeps us striving to be better. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the details. When your precious car needs Kia parts or any accessory to restore its original passion and shine, we're the only resource you'll ever need. You can also find the accessory you want. We know these OEM Kia parts are excellent and will give you decades of driving pleasure. When it comes to proper fit and stress-free replacement, you'll never regret using our Kia parts.