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The Kia Sorento is a mid-size crossover SUV that has been in production since 2002, with global sales exceeding 650,000 units. The SUV has gone through four generations and has won numerous awards, including JD POWER's highest rating of five stars and the "Best SUV" by the American Society of Automotive Professionals and Journalists. The 2007 Kia Sorento has a rugged appearance with a muscular stance and a streamlined rear end, conveying power and wild flavor. The second-generation Sorento launched in 2009 featured Kia's corporate Tiger Nose grille and new technologies used on other vehicles. The third-generation released in 2014 had a variety of engine options, including a 290 hp V6, a 190 hp I4, and a 240 hp turbo I4, as well as a diesel option. The fourth-generation debut showcased standardized three rows of seating and assembly in Georgia, USA. The Kia Sorento stands out among its competitors with its striking design and impressive performance capabilities. With four generations of development, the model has become a true world crossover and a truly international SUV. Its rugged and simple appearance is paired with a strong and muscular stance, giving it a powerful and athletic presence on the road. The combined headlights, large volume bumper, and sporty round fog lamps convey a passion for performance, while the side decorative strips and large-size alloy wheels complete the sporty and stable look. The Sorento's advancements in technology and diverse range of engine options have made it a popular choice among consumers seeking a practical yet luxurious ride. The second-generation debuted Kia's corporate Tiger Nose grille and new technologies used on other vehicles. The third-generation offered a variety of engine options, including a 290 hp V6, a 190 hp I4, and a 240 hp turbo I4, as well as a diesel option. The fourth-generation debuts with standardized three rows of seating and assembly in Georgia, USA. With its impressive design, performance capabilities, and advancements in technology, the Kia Sorento is a truly exceptional mid-size crossover SUV.

Despite its overall excellence, Kia Sorento drivers may still face a few common issues due to various driving conditions and habits. Prominent among these are engine failures, which manifest as overheating, reduced power, acceleration, fuel efficiency, and the presence of squealing noises and dirty exhaust. Regular inspection of the water pump, oxygen sensor, coolant reservoir, oil filter, drive belt, water pump gasket, and air filter can help mitigate these issues and extend the vehicle's lifespan. Another common problem is braking failure, often attributable to a broken brake pad set. Suspension issues, indicated by the vehicle tilting to one side, abnormal noises, excessive vibration, uneven tire wear, and bouncing or bottoming out during driving, can be addressed by thorough inspection of the coil springs and ball joints. Apart from these, routine maintenance of components like the antenna, which provides news, music, and live games, and the wiper blade and arm, which ensure clear visibility, can significantly enhance the driving experience.

When it comes to quality and durability, OEM parts reign supreme. They are manufactured to meet Kia's exacting factory specifications and undergo rigorous quality control. We offer a wide variety of genuine Kia Sorento parts at the most competitive prices online. Our OEM Kia Sorentol parts come with the assurance of a manufacturer's warranty, alongside a hassle-free return policy and prompt delivery service, ensuring a worry-free shopping experience.

Kia Sorento Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: How to Replace Fuel Injectors and Fuel Rail on a Kia Sorento?
    A: Depressurize the fuel and disconnect the battery. Remove the engine cover, air intake duct, and filter housing. Remove the upper intake manifold. Disconnect the high-pressure fuel pipe and line from the fuel rail. Disconnect the electrical connectors, then take out the rail bolts, retaining clips, and injectors. Replace the seals, grommets, and O-rings. Remove the old Teflon sealing ring and upper O-ring from each injector. Clean the seal groove and injector shaft. Install a new Teflon seal. Lubricate and install a new upper O-ring. Clean injector bores and insert injectors into the fuel rail. Install new retaining clips. Install injectors and fuel rail assembly on the cylinder head. Tighten new fuel rail bolts.
  • Q: How to Replace a Thermostat?
    A: Drain the cooling system. Disconnect the radiator hose from the thermostat housing cover. Remove the housing and thermostat. Be sure to note its orientation. Clean the sealing surfaces and fit a new gasket onto the thermostat. Reinstall it with the jiggle pin at the top. Assemble the components and refill the cooling system. Check for leaks.
  • Q: How to Replace a Water Pump?
    A: To remove the water pump, disconnect the negative battery terminal, remove the drivebelt, and the alternator, and drain the coolant. Remove the timing belt cover and mark the sprockets. Remove the pump and gaskets. Remove the inlet tube and pump assembly. Install a new gasket, change the O-rings, insert the tube, tighten the bolts, refill the cooling system, and check for leaks.