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Kia entered the world of electric cars with their Kia EV6 launch in March 2021. Built on an all-electric platform like Hyundai Ioniq 5, this is Kia's inaugural entry into their line-up of nine different EV models (EV1-9). It even won the 2022 European Car of the Year, showing its status within the electric car world. The EV6 offers two battery options - 58kWh for basic models with 168hp motors or an upgrade with all-wheel drive that increases that to 321 hp with all-wheel drive capabilities. The GT version boasts 577 horsepower, making for lightning fast acceleration from zero to 62mph in only 3.5 seconds! Charging times are quick too - reaching 80% within 18 minutes. Inside, the EV6 boasts sleek technology with big screens and an eye-catching steering wheel. In 2022, Kia's EV6 stood out among electric SUVs for its range of over 300 miles. Competing against brands like Chevrolet, Honda, Ford and Tesla but outshone all others through outstanding performance and style. Although comfort and storage can sometimes be issues with it; overall the EV6 offers an enjoyable mix of power, tech and fun driving at a great value price with a strong Kia warranty backing its sale.

The Kia EV6 has several notable issues: electrical system, brake lights, and one-pedal driving functionality. Electric system issues for the EV6 comprise slow charging, particularly on level 2 chargers where there have been complaints of the charging port becoming abnormally hot. Besides, sometimes the EV loses propelling power that might be tied to ICCU failures and battery problems. There is also an issue where the brake lights will malfunction when using regenerative braking in one-pedal drive mode. This fault is dangerous because it may not give trailing drivers sufficient warning when they are decelerating. Also, there have been complaints about the one-pedal drive system and parking brake. In some instances, customers have found themselves being driven by an open hatch or with long objects sticking out while their parking brakes abruptly engage without being released manually. This creates a problem as it may cause accidental stops or prevent control of the vehicle itself, a situation which is both inconvenient and unsafe.

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