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About Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage is a compact Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) manufactured by the South Korean automaker Kia Motors since 1993. The first Kia Sportage was introduced in 1993 and built with Mazda Bongo base platform. Even though as a young model, Kia Sportage has been awarded "Top Safety Pick" from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and won 2013 Standard Bank People's Wheel award for "SUVs and Crossovers - City & Suburban as well as 2016 Red Dot Award for Car Design and so on. Up to now, Kia Sportage has been through four generations.
Though the third generation Kia Sportage (SL; 2010-2015) was released in April 2010 in Asian and European markets, North American version Kia Sportage was not available until August 2010 as a 2011 model. It was offered in EX, LX, and SX trim levels in North America. During this generation, Kia Sportage got power from 1.6 L, 2.0 L, 2.4 L, and 1.7 L inline 4-cylinder petrol or diesel engines, and engine were fitted along with 6-speed manual and automatic as well as 5-speed manual transmissions. Then the newly designed Kia Sportage debuted at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show started the fourth generation (QL; 2015-present). Trim levels were carried over from the previous generation. So did the engine options. But the transmission adds a new 7-speed DCT.

Kia Sportage Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

The main job of SUV is to cross over high mountains and deep rivers as it possesses off-road capability. However, just because Kia Sportage as a SUV is used under harsh driving conditions, problems are easy to find it:
First, engine stopped working or repeated engine failure. Car repair statistics site has collected some most reported problems on Kia Sportage. And engine failure is the top one. Sportage drivers complained that engine performance reduced severely as giving out metallic sounds, shaking, misfiring and hesitant acceleration. Sometimes, they can also find dirty exhaust and engine overheating. Once your Check Engine Light comes on, Sportage oil filter, Sportage body control module and Sportage rod bearing need a thorough inspection.
Second, suspension failure. According to Kia Sportage owners, the vehicle tends to tilt to one side, which means one side of the car appears to be higher than the other side. In this way, uneven tire wear is also a result. What's more, the vehicle is bouncing more often when driving over speed bumps, onto a driveway or simply down the road under normal driving conditions. Besides, the vehicle would also bottom out when driving over dips in the road. Sportage wheel bearing and Sportage coil springs are often the culprits.
In fact, some other auto parts in Kia Sportage also need your extra attention. Wheel seal as the protector of wheels by preventing accumulation of dirt and moisture, it would wear and tear as working along with rolling wheels any time. Wiper blade is usually working under adverse weather conditions; it should get replaced at least once a year. As for some electrical parts such as door jamb switch and turn signal switch have tendency to wear as accumulation of usage times. They all need get excellent maintenance periodically.
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