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We offer a full selection of genuine Kia Clutch Cables, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Clutch Cable Wire results by selecting the vehicle.

1 Clutch Cable found

  • Kia Clutch Cable - 0K30A41150C
    Diagram for Kia Clutch Cable - 0K30A41150C
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    Kia Cable-Clutch

    Part Number: 0K30A41150C
    Other Name: Cable
    $24.42 MSRP: $32.62
    You Save: $8.20 (26%)
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    Fits the following Kia Models:
    • Rio | 2000-2005 | High Grade, Middle Grade | 1.5L, 1.6L
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About Kia Clutch Cable

There is an important part in your car named clutch cable, and the clutch cable connects the clutch and other parts of the gearbox, transferring the engine's power to the gearbox. When you press the clutch, it interrupts the transmission briefly while you choose the right gear. It is all the clutch cable that makes the transition smoothly when you change the gear when you are moving to a mobile state, or driving along a flat road. Here are some signs showing the clutch cable in your car is failing: if the clutch pedal doesn't respond unless under excessive pressure; if the clutch pedal remains depressed and doesn't regain its proper position; if the transmission is hard to shift, you should stop driving immediately and check it to see if the replacement is necessary. Once you decide to change it, we are glad to offer you all KIA genuine OEM clutch cable with a discounted price.